Tuesday, February 1, 2011

We Now Interrupt This Regularly Scheduled Programming...

Remember me? The incredibly chic girl with an addiction to all things Ina? Well, what can I say? It's been a hectic school year to say the least. Hence the hiatus. Wait, what? Alliteration? Yeah. I've still got it.

My meals have not been incredibly exciting lately as a result. Can we say homemade quesadillas and tacos like there's no tomorrow? I will share some of the new holiday things I tried from Ina's latest cookbook as well as some tried and true favorites soon (Um, hello cheese straws, you evil temptress you.)

For now though, it's time to talk business. I'm asking for a special favor. Because things are crazy with me right now, I am looking to use this blog to fulfill a class requirement for my Masters degree. I need to do just a few posts to discuss technology uses in education. I wavered back and forth whether to use this blog, and even though it sounds like a small thing to start another blog entirely to do this, it's just one more stress I don't need. Plus, if I post it here, I'll feel bad, so it will force me to make it up to my chic chefs. Gotta love some good old-fashioned guilt, right? So hopefully, you'll bear with me. Maybe I'll even try to sneak in some cooking/food related items in my posts. Add some "flavor" to them if you will. "Spicing up" technology to motivate students. Hee hee hee. Get it?

Well, from me and my favorite Littlest Sous Chef, Gusti, it's nice to be back!

Dang! Cheese Straws! Okay, I'll eat 12. But JUST 12...

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