Monday, April 25, 2011

Why Do They Do It To Me?

Last week I went into Williams-Sonoma to replenish our Fleur de Sel supply. I quickly found my new container and told myself I was ready to check out. Famous last words. Apparently, the good folks at WS have a new scent (well I don't know when it came out, but it was new to me) in their candle/hand soap and lotion/ cleaner line. Yep, you guessed it: Fleur de Sel. Blast! Resistance was futile.

I am very sensitive to smells as they often trigger my migraines, so I secretly hoped that this scent would be too powerful for me to bring home. Alas, the smell was heavenly. Strike two for me. It was soft, fresh and clean smelling. Perfect for summer. I'm so weak. I hang my head in shame. Here's the loot that I graciously provided a home for (There. Doesn't that sound better?).

Hand Soap/Lotion Set with Caddy $29.95
Also came with two plastic pump dispensers

Boxed Candle $19.95

Do you have a favorite WS scent?