Friday, July 9, 2010

One Bengal, Many Spices: A Love Story

Well, there's my cat Cavalli. Isn't it great that even my pets are foodies? She's quite an interesting creature in many ways. One way in particular is her love for spices and fresh herbs. I'm wondering if anyone else's cat has this same trait.

I will admit that Cavalli is a recreational catnip user, so I'm sure it has something to do with that, but she is seriously in love with our cooking herbs and spices. When we have them out on the counter, and we happen to look away, you will soon hear the sound of spice containers being knocked down. She loves to rub her face all over the bottles, to the point where you feel a little uncomfortable watching such an intimate scene. It's that intense. I find that Chili Powder in particular is her spice of choice. Out of the fresh herbs, thyme seems to be her biggest weakness. I wonder how many other cats out there have a secret (or not so secret) love affair with herbs and spices.

On a side note, we discovered that Gusteau is not without his secret crushes. For him, it's fresh corn on the cob. He is known to be a beggar, but he usually doesn't ever bother us while we're cooking. But last weekend, while Chris was husking corn over the sink for grilling, he went nuts. Gusti sat behind him and cried, growled and grunted. He couldn't take his eyes off the corn. Weird. It's the only food he's ever done that with.

What about your pets? Do they have a food love that dare not speak its name?

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