Friday, July 31, 2009

The Hippest Kids on the Block

As someone who loves stylish and beautiful things, it is no wonder that my pets are spoiled rotten. I think animals are just like us in many ways, and when they look good, they feel good. I know mine like to strut after a bath or grooming!

I just took our poodle puppy Gusteau to the vet the other day, and he got so many compliments on his "attire" (leash, collar, harness, and I.D tag). Since I put a lot of thought into the designs I selected for my cat and dog, I figured I'd showcase them here. All collar designs were bought from Up Country (love their stuff!), and both I.D tags were from Animal Stars (pricey, but long lasting, and custom designed to your liking).

Cavalli's (my Bengal cat) look:

Green Floral
The green color here matches her eyes.

I.D Tag:
martini olive dog pet cat tags
I selected the tag on the left, but opted for pink crystals on the bubbles. The green olive matches the green on the collar, and the pink bubbles bring out the pink flowers in it. I thought this tag worked perfectly since Cavalli is a "diva princess". They can also do a red stone in the glass for a cherry if you prefer.

Gusteau's look:

Brown Songbird
I wanted something kind of preppy and urban chic. No wonder, then, that this style is listed in their "urban portfolio". The colors look great against his apricot fur. I also got the harness and leash in the same pattern.

I.D Tag:
diamond 18k gold id tags charms
Some of the other designs we liked didn't quite work for us (either not the shape we wanted, or stone color not available), so we ended up going simple with a fully jeweled tag. We got the bone shaped tag like we wanted, and we chose aquamarine stones, so it matches the color of the blue birds on the collar perfectly. We also chose the bronze metal instead of silver since the collar is brown. The price is high (luckily I got Cavalli's cheap because I worked at a place that sold them), but when you look at the engraving on these next to the cheaper ones, you will see that the quality is so much better. The engraving is deep and clear, and will not rub off anytime soon, and the stones are protected with your choice of light coating or super coating (for larger, rougher dogs). Plus, you have so many design options to create the perfect one for your pet. So chic!

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