Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cooking on the Wii

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If you love cooking, you will love the game Order Up on Wii. I saw this game in the game store and was immediately drawn to the cute cartoon characters, and obviously the cooking aspect of it! My husband kind of looked at me like I was crazy, but I tell you, we started playing it when we got home and were both addicted! We played for hours!

The objective is to work your way up from owning a greasy diner, to the upscale, fancy restaurant. In between you own a Mexican place, and an Italian place. You get to hire assistant chefs (who all bring different skills to the table), purchase new recipes, buy your own spices, and play fun mini-games like waking up your assistants if they fall asleep on the job, flicking rats out of your kitchen, impressing the food critic, and passing the health inspection. You even have to know your customers and what spices they like added to their food.

We also bought Cooking Mama, but it didn't even compare to Order Up. I hope they put out a second one as the first one is kind of short (you could pass it in a day if you wanted). Even so, I still go back to it to play my favorite restaurants (the Mexican and fancy place), and I might even try it on "hard" (no food meters to tell when food is cooked) just to see how well I do.

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