Friday, June 18, 2010

Looking Chic in the Kitchen

I guess this actually is Part 2 of my Culinary Confessions. I have a secret obsession with aprons. Do I wear them often? Um, no. But I can't help it. A girl needs a great wardrobe, doesn't she? And a great wardrobe in the kitchen is no exception. These are my favorites, from my favorite store of course, Anthropologie.

First Up:

The Three-Star Apron
Love, love, love the cut of this! The scalloped bottom, the bib collar. And ruffled trim?! Yes please! And since I do have this tiny neurosis that your outfit should match your apron, this is great because of the muted color palette. It would go with a ton!

Next Up:

Ant's Art Apron
I love that this apron almost looks like a beautiful summer party dress rather than an apron. I love the v-neck, and the black squiggly (is that a technical term?) pattern on the top against the soft pastel colors of the bottom.

And then we have:

Seasonal Specialties Apron
The contrasting patterns of this one are great, but subtle enough not to overwhelm each other. What really drew me to this one is the adorable collar. Something about it strikes me as adorably retro. The pop of coral around the collar adds the perfect touch of bright color, and I am a sucker for coral and aqua during the summer.

And Last but Certainly not Least:

Tea-and-Crumpets Apron
Um, swoon! This is just all kinds of good. First, the name:too cute! The aqua color: to die for, and perfect for summer! The ruffled tuxedo top: perfect for hosting a party. The flower embellishment: a fabulous touch of whimsy. It's like you're the prom queen of your own culinary prom! And a pocket?! You're killing me! I feel inspired to maybe even bake in this! And for me my friends, that is a very big step! (Can you tell I like this one?)

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