Thursday, January 21, 2010

Culinary Confession

Well, there it is. The object of my desire. My sweet temptation. All that is good and pure in life. I'm talking about garlic.

Because this blog is a journey in growth and self-discovery through food and cooking, I feel I must be honest here, and confront my addiction head-on.

So, let me put myself out there. When I tell people I don't have a garlic press, I usually cite the more socially acceptable reason: "I'm a food purist." Not so. I don't have one because I love touching and peeling garlic by hand. Just the opportunity to hold it makes my day. I could spend hours peeling garlic, and be totally content.

When I read the various home remedies for removing the smell of garlic from hands, I nod along as if I am really quite vexed by the issue. Behind closed doors, though, I ask myself why anyone would be crazy enough to wash away the smell of garlic. The smell of garlic on my hands is like the first day of Spring. I am like the Mary Katherine Gallagher of garlic.

Even cleaning my cutting board is a treat, because the scent of garlic and onions is released from the inner depths of the block.

My devotion to garlic is so deep, I put it in almost everything I cook-even cheese quesadillas. The joy of garlic is endless.

Hopefully I haven't scared anyone too much, but I had to be open and honest about this. It feels good to get it off my chest. Now I feel that I can move forward into the next phase of my garlic-flavored future.

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  1. You are so cute! I love your garlic-obsession...